Creamy Carol - Box with 75 pcs. bites Soft caramel and premium dark chocolate

375 kr

Box with 75 pcs.

The softest soul
We all know a special person with the softest inside. The one who always comforts you and has something nice to offer so you feel at your best. Meet Carol - she's one of those people we all need in our lives.

C for the creamiest caramel
For fans of soft caramel, there is no one better than Carol. Imagine the cracking of premium dark chocolate between your teeth as the softest and creamiest caramel flows into your mouth.



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For us, 'All Natural' means using only the best of the best and not using powder and additives. We are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We only use the best that nature has to offer - taste and quality means everything to us. Always. We spend a lot of time finding new and exciting flavors and we will go to great lengths for new innovative options, but we will never compromise on the good taste. We want our spelt flakes with the right crunch, we have our own recipe for marzipan, and our caramel is made from honey, sugar and butter - that's it. And we know it works.