Psst... Our Easter bunny is hiding a Minty Moment Sharing bar in all orders💛


Psst... Our Easter bunny is hiding a Minty Moment Sharing bar in all orders💛


Our friends in Africa

In a greenhouse at a cocoa plantation near San Pédro in the Ivory Coast, a group of local women grow vegetables and fruit in a greenhouse. It's not possible to grow vegetables and fruit in that area, due to soil conditions, lack of water and the heat. But with our greenhouse, the right soil and water supply, we have contributed to a nutritious future for our cocoa farmers and their families.



Normally, the sun is one of chocolate's worst enemies – both sunlight and the heat from the rays ruins the chocolate. But at Simply Chocolate in Copenhagen, the two are actually best friends. We got our very own solar cell system on the roof of the factory. This means we are 100% self-sufficient with energy when the sun is shining.


Our green journey

There is – quite understandably – a lot of focus on the packaging when we talk about the environment and recycling, and at Simply Chocolate we are constantly working towards our goal of 100% recyclable packaging. We are on a mission. Imagine edible packaging - that means no waste. We're not quite there yet but we're on our way, and until we reach our goal, we're doing everything we can to make it better and better.

Looking for gluten-free chocolate?

Looking for gluten-free chocolate?

Simply Chocolate - Official gourmet chocolate webshop

At Simply Chocolate we create responsible and fair gourmet chocolate in exclusive quality with only the best natural ingredients. Nothing else. We have a luxurious selection of gift boxes and chocolate boxes for any special occasion, holidays like Christmas and Easter or just as a sweet touch on the dullest of all gray Mondays.

We also have a tempting selection of premium chocolate bars, which you can keep all to yourself. Whether you like filled chocolates with crunch and caramel or solid chocolate with sea salt and nuts, you will surely find more than one variant in the shop that will make your mouth water. Mix your favorite chocolate bars or throw yourself into exciting flavor explosions with our bar kits and mixed boxes with small appetizing mini chocolates in bites, where you can put your teeth into all our exclusive flavors with either dark chocolate, light chocolate or white chocolate. Created with honest and fair quality ingredients by Danish chocolatiers.

Give your workout a kick ass kick with our selection of delicious protein bars with chocolate completely without artificial additives. Get superpowers after training with a natural protein bar from Simply Chocolate made of pure quality ingredients that actually taste good. Here in the webshop you will also find our complete range of protein bars collected in a hard-hitting bar kit.

Chocolate from Simply Chocolate Copenhagen has both attitude and style, and you can be sure that it is produced with respect for both people and our planet. Treat yourself to our limited editions, where you will find our unique temptations in glossy paper, which are visiting our permanent selection here and now. Our beautiful wrapped chocolates are a true mecca of color and the packaging speaks its own language because the boxes from Simply Chocolate contains something extraordinary.

We always carry the complete selection of our premium chocolate in the official webshop for Simply Chocolate, so you can shop for exactly the chocolate that suits your taste. Discover our entire sweet universe right here in the chocolate shop, which always is open, and see if you can resist the temptation. You can also write a personal greeting on one of our postcards and send the chocolate to someone you love. You know very well that there always is a reason for exceptionally good chocolate.